2022 Staff Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas office partyIt’s officially staff Christmas party planning season!

Are you looking to arrange a much-needed celebration for you and your team?

Looking for something different? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some great tips which will help you plan the most memorable event.

Set the right date & time

Remember that most companies are going to plan a party around the same time of year. The last few days before the winter holidays are going to be very busy for party venues. You’ll also need to consider your employee’s schedules and know what your last ”official” working day is. NO ONE wants to come back to work the day after a Christmas party!

Ask for feedback from previous years

Find out what people are thinking. What would they like to see again? What did they like and dislike? Be warned, you will never be able to take everyone’s suggestions into account and it’s very likely that you will have conflicting answers.

Agree a budget

Look for affordable suppliers that are within your budget and try to find all-in-one services instead of booking multiple venues. That doesn’t mean ”go cheap” however, try and offer the best value for the money. Finally, spend on the important elements first. Most people will enjoy a Christmas party as long as there is music and plenty of food and drinks. These are the things that matter most, so decor & trimmings all come after you’ve hired a good caterer and DJ.

Appoint a person to ‘manage’ the event

You’ll need to have someone in charge and coordinating the event. It is easier to appoint one person the job of keeping things running smoothly. There are so many things that can potentially go wrong (equipment, drink, entertainment, staff, facilities etc.), so you need someone on hand that knows what to do should any trouble arise.

Here are some examples of our most popular Christmas events:

Please note that we need a minimum group size of 6 people to run most packages.

Christmas Dinner table