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What Is Rock Climbing

Rock climbing  is a great way of seeing the scenery of Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park  &  Gower – even hanging upside down. It is a great fun outdoor activity and an opportunity to try something completely different. Rock climbing in Wales, UK  is about putting on a climbing harness and enjoying yourself in the outdoors on boulders  in old quarries, sea cliffs and remote mountain crags. We will supply you with a qualified climbing instructor and climbing guide who will oversee your safety and teach you the skills necessary to have a thoroughly exhilarating experience.

Who can go rock climbing ?

Climbing in Wales is suitable for any age from 7 upwards. We can offer a range of guided climbing fundays and programmes starting with the complete novice through to full climbing training and assessment for Single Pitch Award, and Mountain Instructor Award. You don’t need any previous experience to start climbing so it is a great group activity . With young people it is a valuable activity for building confidence and trust and interdependence within groups.

Where can I go rock climbing ?

Our climbing sessions are based in Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) and on the Gower Peninsula, Wales, UK . We use sites such as Three Cliffs Bay, Dinas Rock, Morlais Quarries and Devils Truck to name but a few. However in you require training then we can take you to other parts of the UK.

rock climbing in walesAs we have this wonderful natural environment then we do try and encourage people to use the outdoors but we can also take you indoor climbing.

Duration/Length of the climbing session?

This is variable depending on the size, nature of the group, nature of the event and the prevailing weather conditions on the day. As a guide, the session would normally last around 3 – 5 hours.

When can I do it?

We operate our rock climbing sessions in Wales all year.
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What is it going to cost me?

Phone for details or contact us. This will vary on depending on the nature of the booking and age of participants.

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What will I have to wear for my rock climbing session?

For your rock climbing session in Wales we will provide you with a full kit list upon booking. For guidance, we will provide you with a climbing harness and helmet. All other technical rock climbing equipment and gear such as ropes are supplied.

Good combinations of activities

Climbing is normally a full day activity. However it is suitable for combination with other activities for adventure weekends, holidays or longer duration visits. It can be combined with any of the range of activities available whether it be caving, canyoning, gorge walking, quad biking, paintball and clays.

Can I use a camera?

Yes you can but we would only recommend bringing a disposable camera or inexpensive camera. With any other camera we cannot guarantee it will make it out in one piece.

Take away a video or photos

We can arrange for a professional photographer to follow you climbing. The photos can be put onto disc for you to take away before the end of your stay. Please contact us for more details.

In certain circumstances we can arrange for your group to filmed but this is only by prior arrangement.