Stand Up Paddleboarding

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Stand Up Paddleboarding in Wales

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a water sport born from surfing in Hawaii. It involves a combination of surfing and canoeing/kayaking which requires standing on an oversized board and using a canoe-style paddle to move through the water. SUP is one of the fastest growing water sports and Wales is full of incredible spots to try it!

Where Can I Go Stand Up Paddleboarding?

Our sessions are based in South Wales, 25 minutes north of Swansea and 45 minutes west of Cardiff. We use a  stunning  lake nestled on the valley floor overlooked by wooded hillsides and some of the extensive network of canals in the area.

Who Can Go Stand Up Paddleboarding?

No previous experience is required, although we need a minimum group size of 6, maximum group size is 15. This is a great group activity.

When Can I Go Stand Up Paddleboarding in Wales?

We operate Wales all year.

What Is The Duration / Length of the Activity?

This is variable depending on the size, nature of the group, and the prevailing weather conditions on the day. As a guide, the session would normally last around 3 hours.

What is a SUP Session Going to Cost Me?

Please phone for details or contact us. This will vary on depending on the nature of the booking and age of participants.