Everything You Need To Know About Caving

Alex Jones Sport ReliefIf you’re intrigued by the labyrinth of caves and tunnels below our countryside, and would love to try a new adventure, then caving may be the sport for you. Learn the basic need to know info about caving and how you can get involved with this exploration below. Article on everything you need to know about caving.

What is Caving?

Caving with Alex Jones

Quite simply, this is the exploration of caves usually as part of a group and led by a guide. This is an activity available to anyone aged over 7 years old and most abilities.

Here at Adventure Britain, we offer cave experiences in Wales which allow you to explore this subterranean world, admiring the rock formations while you walk or crawl through spaces of different sizes.

What’s the Difference Between Caving and Potholing?

It is not uncommon for the terms ‘caving’ and ‘potholing’ to be used interchangeably, however there is a key difference between these land formations:

Caves – consist mostly of horizontal passages.

Potholes – consist mostly of vertical passages and require more specialist equipment.

Is Caving Safe?

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 Safety is a fundamental part of this exercise, therefore when you take part in a planned caving activity with an experienced instructor and company you will be given clothing, equipment and training to ensure you can enjoy safely and make the most of your trip.

Although caving can potentially be dangerous, accidents or injury are rare. Despite this, we would not recommend you going it alone, unless you are a competent caver. Even if you’re an experienced caver, never go alone and follow a guide if you’re exploring unknown territory.

What Caving Equipment is Needed?

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The equipment you will need will vary depending on the type of cave you will be exploring, and most of this will be provided by the caving expert or company you have arranged the activity with. However, typical items you may use include:

  • Helmet
  • Headlamp
  • Rope, harness and climbing gear
  • Protective boots and a caving suit
  • Ladders

Is There a Governing Caving Organisation?

What You Need To Know About caving in Brecon Beacons

Yes. The British Caving Association is the governing body for underground exploration in the UK. It endeavours to seek, maintain and improve access to caves, raise awareness of this sport, and advise on training, equipment and safety.

The British Caving Association has conservation at its heart and frequently holds events to raise awareness of exploring this hidden world.

Give Caving a Go!

Caving in Wales, on an activity weekend in the UK

We’re lucky enough to have the biggest cave entrance in Wales and the largest cave passage in the UK right on our doorstep, so you’re sure to be amazed by the subterranean sites in store when caving with the Adventure Britain team.

To find out more about caving in the Brecon Beacons and get answers to frequently asked questions, please get in touch.

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