The 5 Best Places for Canyoning in the World

We’re lucky enough to have some of the UK’s best canyoning locations right on our doorstep. But, if you’re looking to get active abroad, we know just the place.

Check out our top five recommendations for the best canyoning locations abroad.

1. Zion National Park, USA

 Zion National Park in Southwestern Utah is known for its stunning natural beauty, and its eponymous canyon is one of the best places to go canyoning in the US.

With the canyon stretching 229 square miles, this location offers multiple guided canyoning adventures for all ages and abilities, making it the ideal place to visit whether you’re an experienced canyoner or a complete novice.

One of the most possible trips visits ‘The subway’ – pictured below.

2. Kawasan Falls, Philippines

 If you’d like to canyon near crystal-clear, blue waters, then Kawasan Falls in the Kawasan Badian National Park may be just the ticket.

The Matutinao River fills the deep canyons which cut through the jungle here, providing an ideal place for beginners to give this sport a go. You’ll especially love the opportunity to jump into the fresh water pools and swim down the rapids.

3. Tara Canyon, Montenegro

Stretching an impressive 51 miles long and 4,300ft deep in parts, the Tara River Canyon in Durmitor National Park is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Therefore, unsurprisingly, it is a stunningly impressive place to explore and canyon.

4. Jalbire Canyon, Nepal

Nepal is well-known for having multiple great canyoning locations, and Jalbire Canyon located on the Trisuli River is one of the best.

The area is dominated by impressive waterfalls, water pools and rocks, which make it the ideal place to slide, climb and abseil.

5. Blue Mountains, Australia

Located in New South Wales, west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains is famous for its dramatic scenery and, you guessed it, its naturally-occurring blue tinge which is visible from a distance. Plus, with more than 400 canyons, you will be spoilt for choice when visiting the Blue Mountains.

If you’re a beginner, head to Grand Canyon, whereas Empress Falls is a favourite among more experienced canyoners. Alternatively, if you’d like to give abseiling a go, Empress Canyon is definitely worth a visit.

Canyoning on a hen weekend in Wales

Try Canyoning Closer to Home

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