Our Top 7 Things To Do In The Great Welsh Outdoors

Wales White Water RaftingWales is full of national treasures, rich with culture and teeming in beautiful countryside, you are guaranteed an enthralling stay. There’s plenty for the adrenaline junkies too, at Adventure Britain we specialise in UK adventure weekends. From surfing the waves of the Welsh coast to mountain biking the rolling hills of the Brecon Beacons, here are our top 7 things to do in Wales.

1. Whitewater Rafting Wales

White water rafting

White water rafting is the water-based activity to indulge all adrenaline buffs! You will find yourself using an inflatable raft to manoeuvre your way down a rapid flowing river. There are various different courses designed to thrill anyone who takes part.

Wales has many things in abundance, including natural and man-made rivers that make white water rafting an experience to remember.
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2. Surfing Wales

Surfing Wales

Always wanted to learn to surf but never had the chance? There are few spots better for surfing than the Welsh coast. The thrill of catching a wave and riding it is an unmatchable feeling, you’re sure to get hooked. Our surf school instructors will have you standing in no time. For the full experience, why not book a full weekend trip and experience Wales and all the thrills it has to offer.
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3. Wales Mountain Biking

Wales Mountain Biking

You can ride a bike anywhere in the UK, but can you ride down mountains? Skip the tarmac for the hills. The Welsh terrain lends itself perfectly for adrenaline seeking riders. Wales is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in not just the UK, but the world. Blending exhilarating routes with breath-taking views, perfect for blowing away the cobwebs.
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4. Wales Coasteering


Coasteering has many different names; cliff jumping, canyoning and adventure swimming to name just a few. The activity is a mixture of climbing, jumping and swimming, all mixed together as you scramble across the rocky coastline. Packed with adrenaline this is a popular activity for those who are looking for the full package. What better place to immerse yourself in action than the UK’s first area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!
Browse here to find out more about coasteering in Wales, or contact a member of the Adventure Britain team to find out more.

5. 4×4 Driving Experience

4x4 driving in Wales

This one is for the petrol heads out there! Swap the work commute for the Brecon Beacons. 4×4 off-roading is the ultimate thrill if you’re looking to test your driving abilities. With Adventure Britain you can count on our expert instructors to teach you the best way to tackle the exhilarating terrains.
Why leave it there? Find out other activities we offer at Adventure Britain and make it a weekend trip.

6. Fly Fishing Wales

Fly Fishing Wales

If you’re not one for an adrenaline rush, then fly fishing could be the perfect way to introduce yourself to Welsh waters. Unlike other forms of fishing, fly fishing is more of an art. It takes great skill to master; with Adventure Britain you will learn to read the river, understand behaviour if the fish and the technique to cast. Fly fishing is an excellent activity that all can enjoy, it’s also a great way to wind down and enjoy the Welsh countryside.
If you’re looking for make the most of Wales, check out some of the other activities we offer!

7. Go Karting In Wales

Go kart race in Wales

If you are a bit of a speed demon, then this is the activity for you! Go Karting is one of the most popular activities for thrill-seekers alike! It’s also a great family activity, suitable for all ages from 3 years old to adults. To find out more about Go Karting in Wales and how you can make it an action packed weekend, contact a member of the Adventure Britain team.

Wales is a nation of beauty, bursting with opportunity for adventure. We at Adventure Britain look forward to welcoming you to explore and discover Wales in all its glory!

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