Why We Think The UK is The Best Stag Do Destination in The World

The UK is The Best Stag Do Destination in The WorldWho needs an expensive stag do to Ibiza when Britain has everything you need? We may be a little biased at Adventure Britain (the hint is in the name), but for stag do destinations, activities and packages, we truly believe there is no place better in the whole of Europe than the UK. Here, we list why we think the UK is one of the best stag do locations, proving you don’t need to go far in order to have a legendary stag do.

Distinct, Different Countryside

UK Best Stag Do Destination

For such a small island, Britain has a staggering amount of distinct countryside, vibrant flora and friendly, native fauna. Whether you feel at home by the sea or amongst the clouds in the mountains, Britain has a place for you. Thanks to having a rainbow of different environments, Britain is a hotspot for a multitude of different outdoor activities. Areas like Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) and the Highlands lend themselves well to hiking, with the mountainous peaks of Ben Nevis even allowing for skiing. The rough waves of our seaside towns and the cascading rapids of our wetlands accommodates all descriptions of aqua-based activity. Whether it’s catching surf or rowing down the River Usk, there are so many activities for an outdoor-based stag do. If you’re the type who yearns for the outdoors, you’ll struggle to find a better stag do location than the UK.

Adventure Britain, in fact, has become so passionate about the outdoor potential of the UK that we’ve created an itinerary of stag do outdoor activities. By using the countryside and scenery we’ve been blessed with in Wales, we’ve been able to create a stag do programme that features 4×4 driving, canoeing, orienteering, mountain biking, caving and everything in between.

A Cultural Hub

The UK is The Best Stag Do Destination in The World

One area where Britain excels as one of the best stag do locations in Europe is its undervalued culture. If you’re the type who enjoys sightseeing and cultural insights along with some fun and booze, then Britain is the place to be. While London sticks out as the main sightseeing destination in the country, smaller cities like Bath, Cardiff, Swansea and Newcastle are filled with things to do. From museums to rural landmarks, Britain has enough to keep history and culture buffs appeased.

A Proper Nightlife

The UK is The Best Stag Do Destination in The World

If it’s one thing the British know how to do, it’s party. Britain’s nightlife doesn’t really get the reputation it deserves. Whether it’s London or Cardiff, you’re guaranteed a slew of options, different nightclubs, events, drinks, eateries and, best of all, people who know how to have a good time. Adventure Britain runs a number of night-time activities in Swansea. Take on the infamous Wind Street, whose nickname ‘Wine Street’ is certainly well earned. Swansea’s nightlife speaks for itself, but for those who have not been blessed by its charms, we can provide an introduction to the city and its most famous watering holes. We’re able to hand out VIP passes, free entry and queue skips.

If you don’t fancy bars, we offer a brewery tour, personalised casino evenings, a whisky tour, cocktail masterclasses and banter-filled events such as magicians and hypnotists. Whatever you require, Britain’s nightlife is sure to find a solution.

Find Out More About Stag Do Packages

Overall, while Britain isn’t often held in such high regards as other foreign stag do destinations, it has the potential to make any stag do unforgettable, especially if you have a stag do package that knows how to make the most of the country’s best parts.

That’s where Adventure Britain steps in: we know how to create a stag do package weekend that knows how to keep everyone entertained from day to night. Whether you feel at home outdoors or in a bar, our package has enough activities and value to draw the best out of the UK for you.

Take the stress out of organising a stag do and join Adventure Britain’s growing number of satisfied customers. Find out more about our stag do packages today.