Why Wales and Not Europe for the Activity Weekend

Are UK Stag Weekends safer and do they offer better value for money?

A stag weekend in Prague. – Sounds great? Well it did up until this Summer. Enormous delays at check-in, cancelled flights, hassle – the list is endless. So has the tide turned for stag parties in the UK? Certainly the number of enquiries we have received in the last few months has increased compared to preceding months. Does this mean that people have been turned off travelling to Europe for their stag weekends?

Value for money and cost of stag weekend packages

In our view it has always been a misnomer that European destinations offer a better value for money experience than comparable breaks in the UK. Firstly the cost of the flights when you take into account transfers to and from the airport can vastly increase the price. Delays have become a regular occurrence. This is a problem with short weekend breaks as any delay eats into your valuable time on the ground in country. Furthermore it looks increasingly likely that the Government are thinking about increasing the taxes on flights in order to combat global warming. This again is not going to be absorbed entirely by the airlines with the cost ultimately being passed onto the customer.

UK breaks are usually more inclusive for the groups. In our experience group organisers will certainly receive more refusals from potential participants with a European trip than with a UK trip.

Quality of the adventure activity venues

You have to question why groups consider an overseas trip to be more exciting. Is it because of the scenery? Well no. The UK has some of the best in Europe. Take South Wales. We are blessed with having the Brecon Beacons National Park and the Gower Coastline on our doorstep. These are both wonderful natural adventure activity playgrounds. Not many places in Europe can boast a mountain wilderness and a coastline designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within 30 miles of each other.

We appreciate there is a considerable amount of pressure on the organiser of a stag party. You are expected to organise an unforgettable weekend for the stag’s send off. With an overseas trip there are added complications such as flights, currency, language, transfers and so on. So it is not as if there is less effort in putting together such a trip.

Your safety is paramount on stag parties

Do you really know what you are booking with these activity weekends in Europe – Are they regulated and safe? Do you really want to fly a second hand MIG fighter when we’ve seen what happens to their submarines!

Rip off Britain or is that a myth? 93% of our past customers consider that our stag party packages represent good to excellent value for money. They can’t all be wrong. So all in all watch out Cool Britannia the stags are back!