Waterfalls in Brecon Beacons like in Hawaii!

There’s an article on the Brecon Beacons in the December issue of “The Great Outdoors” magazine, one of the most popular magazines on outdoor activities in the UK. The article also describes the journalist’s experiences when he came canyoning in Wales with us at Call of the Wild’s Adventure Britain.

His description the of waterfall country in the Brecon Beacons is great:-

“In full spate these waterfalls look more like something from Hawaii….Defined most simply canyoning is the act of travelling along canyons incorporating various techniques – climbing,scarmabling, abseiling, jumping, swimming, sliding or just floating.”

This is his description of how he felt after overcoming his fear of jumping off a 30ft waterfall:-

“Feeling flakier than a Greggs pasty …I jumped. I surfaced from the water a blink later. I was ecstatic….Dumbfounded I practically levitated back up the banks of the river. I had slain my inner demons.. I walked back to the van feeling like a champion.”

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