Top Tips on How To Arrange Stag Party Weekends

Canyoning in WalesWho , when where, what? The usual questions to ask yourself when you feel like a dazed rabbit in the headlights after being given the big responsibility of arranging the stag weekend for your best mate or family member.

It’s a difficult task and  a big responsibility especially if you’ve never done it before. We’ve arranged hundreds over the years so we thought we’d give you some top tips on how best to arrange a stag party.

We try and make things as painless as possible for the stag weekend organiser so that person can enjoy the weekend as much as the other members of the party. So rather than worrying about booking the accommodation then going to find to find things to do which will satisfy everyone, then trying to find your way from the hotel to the activity venues and back again with nobody wanting to drive we’ll do all this for you.

Tops Tips Video on How To Arrange a Stag Weekend

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