The Cost of Stag & Hen Weekends Revealed

Guests Face Four-Figure Bills To Attend Event

According to Money Saving Expert on behalf of an Aviva Survey, attending someone’s Stag or Hen weekend can cost an astounding £779 pp to stay in the UK on average, and £1,208 pp to go abroad.How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride - Accommodation

The survey states that men tend to spend more than women at £920 on average, while women typically pay £652 for stag or hen celebrations in the UK.

If the celebrations are abroad, men spend £1,256 on average while women spend £1,158 typically.

More Stats …

32% of people surveyed said they have declined a stag or hen invitation, and in 79% of the cases, this was due to the expense involved.

Some people in this group said they gave a different excuse to their host because they did not want to admit this was due to the cost.

At least 50% of guests have always taken out travel insurance when joining a stag or hen break overseas and just 22% have done the same in the UK.

Here is the average cost per person of a stag or hen event in the UK followed by the average cost abroad:

– Accommodation, £151, £228

– Food and drink, £112, £200

– Transport, £85, £184

– Gifts, £99, £157

– Fancy dress, £105, £126

– Activities, £116, £171

– Other expenditure, £111, £142

– Total, £779, £1,208

*Survey conducted of around 1,000 adults across the UK who have attended stag or hen weekends that were not their own, was carried out for Aviva by Censuswide Research in May 2023.*