Stag Weekends on a Budget

stag weekend ideasWe anticipate that in 2017 stag weekend organisers will not just be looking for budget stag weekends but they will most definitely be seeking value for money and value for their time.

In our experience organisers want flexible packages where they can pick and mix.

The problem increasingly being encountered by stag weekend organisers is that not all the people they want to bring along on a stag do can do so due to cost in view of the current economic climate. So what do they do?


Leave them behind? This isn’t ideal and doesn’t engender a good feeling if key family or friends can’t attend due to cost.

This is why we have tried to devise a flexible pick and mix approach whereby you can choose your own components to the stag weekend. So whether this be just stag activities, accommodation, food, transport, evening entertainment etc. By this means you can arrange a budget stag weekend which suits the budget of the all the group!

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