Stag Weekends – The Facts and the Stats

Here are some interesting hen and stag night facts courtesy of Banana Moon Clothing. It is surprising that only 32%  of people will hold their stag or hen nights in another country. I thought this figure would have been higher but obviously the majority see sense and decide to stay in the UK.

stag-weekend-facts-and-figuresHaving recently experienced a stag weekend in Europe, Poland to be exact, I still find it difficult to understand why anyone would wish to leave the country for their stag weekend. First of all the cost excludes many of the people who the groom would want to attend. Secondly in my experience all you tend to do is see the inside of numerous bars. In which case you could be anywhere in Europe, including the UK and don’t need to travel to some strange foreign city, pay for expensive flights, spend half the weekend travelling and get frustrated with delays!

For those who stay in the UK only 28% have an event at home whilst 24% do sports or extreme activities, which is what our favourite stag activity canyoning would fall into.

In addition 21% try driving activities, probably the stags, and 20% have spa or beauty treatment, probably the  girls attached to the 21% doing the driving activity!

Of  the 71% who go to pubs, bars and clubs do they also do activities in the day. This is the experience of our stag weekend groups. They will take part in adventurous activities during the day such as canyoning, caving, climbing and quad biking whilst in the evening they will then visit a pub, bar or club.

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