Plan an Earth-Friendly Adventure

Melin Court waterfallCelebrate World Earth Day on the 22nd April and honour our shared love of nature. We’re passionate about helping you explore the wonders of our natural landscapes in South Wales whilst giving back to the environment. Here are some ideas below on how you can support World Earth Day.

  • Enjoying the outdoors: Reconnect with nature and appreciate its beauty
  • Giving back to the environment: Help keep our landscapes clean and healthy
  • Promoting sustainable practices: Encourage responsible outdoor recreation

Share your love for the outdoors and go the extra mile…

Take part in a Coastal Cleanup whilst Kayaking. You can explore a stunning coastline whilst cleaning up debris. Enjoy breathtaking views and make a positive impact. Alternatively, you can try a National Park Hike with a Twist. Why not embark on a guided hike through the breathtaking National Parks, learning about local flora and fauna from an environmental guide.

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