How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride

How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active BrideA hen party can be anything you want it to be. From the wild, alcohol-fuelled variants to the more personal, intimate options, figuring out how to plan a hen party can be a difficult job. While there are things you can do to throw an unforgettable hen party, taking in the bride’s wishes should be paramount; even though a hen party is likely to have a lot of people attending, it’s a day that should be in honour of the bride. Find out below how to organise a hen party for an active bride.

Get The Right People Invited

How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride - Invite the right people

Hopefully, the bride to be has indicated who she wants to attend the hen party. If you’re in doubt, ask her to make up a list. You could have the most unforgettable hen party in the world, but if key people close to the bride are missing, then she’s not going to fully enjoy herself. Then, judging by the numbers, you can start formulating plans. The key decision to make here is how long the hen party should go on for. If a large party of people are attending, then consider organising a hen party over two days – Adventure Britain provides hen party programmes that take place over the course of a weekend, for example.

As always, double check with the bride to be. Strong lines of communication will go a long way in all of the following pointers. Seeing as the bride will be active, consider the physical limitations of those you are inviting and organise activities everyone can be involved with to some level.

Budget: The Key to Locations and Activities

How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride - Budget

Budget will, sadly, largely determine much of the hen party. From location, theme to the activities you want to get up to, if the budget isn’t there, then these are not possible. Therefore, it’s important to know the budget before planning a hen party which will gauge the expectations of the bride to be. Alternatively, looking for cost-effective options for a bit of fun can go a long way, even if you have a larger budget to play with.

Adventure Britain offers a wide number of daytime and night-time activities to give a hen party a creative twist. We offer a wide array of hen party packages complete with a various outdoor sports and activities, food options and transport. No matter where your budget lies, do remember there are always options. Overall, it’s the perfect option for brides who want a bit of action in their hen do activities.

Pick a Theme With The Bride In Mind

How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride - Theme

Picking a theme can be tough, but as long as you know what the bride likes, then it shouldn’t cause too much of a headache. Choosing a theme that the bride has a personal investment in or an aesthetic that appeals to her sense of humour should do the job. If you’re struggling for ideas, try talking to the bride or searching online for popular choices. Once a theme has been decided, then you’ll need to tailor each activity to that theme. A theme works better when the activities themselves are complimentary of the overall hen, this gives the party a cohesive, thought-out vibe.

The major question you should be asking when thinking about how to plan a hen do is how you can make the whole thing consistent – a theme is the ribbon that ties the whole party together. For an active bride to be, you’ll want some of the action-based activities to loosely fall into the overall theme of the hen party.

Remember Accommodation, Transport and Other Extra Costs

How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride - Accommodation

In all the excitement of organising what to take to a hen party and where to have it, it’s easy to forget about extra costs and factors like accommodation, transport and miscellaneous extras. Ensure you pick good accommodation that suits the bride’s tastes and falls into budget. For accommodation, there may be scope to decorate it in line with the overall theme.

Transport, too, needs to be considered, especially for an active bride. If the bride wants to enjoy a number of activities, then you’re likely going to be doing a lot of travelling. Book travel well in advance to save money or, alternatively, host the hen party at a location which has a variety of activities on site.

Then there are extra costs to consider. From photography to party bags, miscellaneous costs can creep up on you and be unavailable on short notice. A good time to sort the extras out is when planning the theme so little bonuses like sashes, balloons, scrap books and bunting can fall in line with it.

Consider a Package Deal

Adventure Britain’s hen party weekends can organise all of the above and deliver an unforgettable day, night or weekend in some of the most beautiful Welsh peninsulas. Whether you fancy the Brecon Beacons or The Gower, we promise a range of outdoor activities, night-time fun and a seamless itinerary that’ll make you look like the best bridesmaid in the world. From quad biking to rock climbing, we ensure there’s something new for everyone to try. Our programme involves people of all ages and ability, so you don’t need to worry about people missing out.

Take the stress out of organising and become one of the 96.5% of our customers who loved spending their hen party with us. Find out more about our hen party packages today.