How Outdoor Teambuilding Activities Can Help Your Team To Work Better

Pen y Fan, Brecon BeaconsChoosing the appropriate team building day for multiple people can be tough. I mean, we’re all a bit fussy, so organising group activities for adults isn’t a walk in the park. However, if you’re struggling to find some creative corporate event ideas or unusual teambuilding events, then why not try some outdoor events with Adventure Britain?

Below, we list why outdoor team building days have their advantages, along with some of the unforgettable activities we host.

The Great, Stress-Busting Outdoors

Team Building Outdoors

Whatever activity you choose, you can be certain that it’ll relieve stress. Being outdoors is a natural stress reliever, with multiple pieces of research showing that being exposed to the outdoors – such as the beautiful forests, gorges and valleys of Wales – directly results in a decrease of heart rate and cortisol levels.
Work can be stressful; long meetings, crunch time and late nights lead to a state called mental fatigue, which is not conducive to good work. Outdoor team-building activities have the added bonus of decreasing stress and actively energising people. Even imagining or looking at images of nature make people relax, so imagine what the effects of an invigorating gorge walk or a day coasteering could do?

Get Creative!

Henrhyd Waterfalls, Brecon Beacons

For creatively malnourished staff or those who need to constantly flex their creative side, an outdoor team building day can be ample fuel for inspiration. By bringing your team to an outdoor environment that is totally alien from the office, while setting some problem-solving tasks, you naturally task them with being more creative. The combination of problem-solving and the outdoors can improve creativity for the whole workforce. Figuring out the ins-and-outs of clay pigeon shooting or kayaking in the outdoors can be just the refresher your team needs.

Positive Thinking and Reinforcement

Walking along log team building

Outdoor team-building activities are the perfect opportunity to provide some positive feedback and reinforcement to your entire workforce. By solving problems, working together and – most importantly – having a bit of fun, workers are naturally more receptive to positive feedback. The result will be a group of workers energised not just by the outdoors but by positive thinking.
Creative corporate events do not need to be complex for this to occur; a simple session getting back to the basics in the Gower or in the heart of Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) is all that is needed.

A Physical Health Boost

team Building Health benefits

Being outside doesn’t just provide mental health benefits, but can give a much-needed boost to physical health. Along with being a welcome reprieve from our desks and workstations, being outside can lower inflammation, improve blood pressure and reduce fatigue. While we have activities for people of all physical capabilities, each will have strong physical health benefits for everyone.
What makes outdoor team-building events so special is their ability to balance physical and mental health benefits to improve everyone’s approach to work.

Break Down Walls and Build Trust

Overall, the best team building day ideas are ones that break down walls and build trust across the company. Seeing upper management and fellow co-workers have fun, embarrass themselves and leave some company decorum at the door is the whole point of it. Adventure Britain has a number of trust-building activities including rock climbing and paintballing.
Our range of activities balances individual challenge and teamwork which, in the long-term, serves as a boost to in-work performance.

Uplift Your Team’s Performance

Team build Together

Previously, we listed 5 Adventurous Activities for Outdoor Team Building In Wales. If any of those hit your fancy, then find out more about our outdoor team-building events and general team-building packages today.