Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us.

Here in Wales, wooden love spoons are carved and given as gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Hearts, keys and keyholes are favourite Valentine decorations on the wooden spoons. These symbols meant the heart would be unlocked for love.

Did You Know?

  • Valentine’s Day officially became the holiday associated with love in the 1300’s
  • The oldest known Valentine’s Day card is on display at the British Museum in London. It dates back to the 1400’s
  • The first Valentine was sent in the 15th century
  • The tradition of sending Valentine’s flowers dates back to the 17th century
  • The first heart shaped box of chocolates was introduced in 1861
  • Candy hearts were originally medical lozenges
  • Teachers are the number one recipient of Valentines
  • X’s and O’s didn’t always mean kisses and hugs
  • Lace is often used on Valentine decorations. The word “lace” comes from Latin, meaning “to snare or net,” as in to catch a person’s heart
  • The symbol of the ribbon is rooted in the Middle Ages. When knights competed in tournaments, their sweethearts often gave them ribbons for good luck
  • Today, Valentine’s Day ranks 1st for fresh flower purchases and almost half of yearly marriage proposals happen on Valentines!