Coming Out Of Lockdown – Tips For Staying Safe

As restrictions are easing, organised outdoor activities are now able to take place, alongside overnight stays for groups of six or two households. Hospitality venues can also reopen indoors as well as organised indoor sport.

Despite the restrictions easing, it is important to stay cautious and meet people outdoors as much as possible.

Meeting outside in the fresh air and open space reduces the risk of transmission. Try to meet people in outdoor spaces such as gardens or parks where it’s easier to socially distance.

If you want to have a get together, try to arrange an outdoor activity such as walking, cycling, clay pigeon shooting or rock climbing, or even outdoor entertainment such as an outdoor theatre or cinema.

Here are some basic tips to keep yourself safe:

Avoid Crowds

Try to meet people in well ventilated areas or even through virtual events. Work meetings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams can also bring people together safely.

Wear A Face Mask

Make sure to wash your hands before applying your face mask and ensure that the mask firmly covers your nose, mouth and chin.

Wash Your Hands

Simply washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with an alcohol based rub or anti-batiercal can protect you from a range viruses.

Take Care Of Your Own Mental Health 

Connecting with friends or loved ones can reduce your feeling of isolation. Try to engage with your local community and don’t be afraid to seek for help if you are feeling stressed. Eating well and exercising are also important for mental health and coping.