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best man jobsIt is allways an honour to be asked but quite terrifying when the realisation hits you that you have a responsible job to do to ensure your best mates day is the best ever – no pressure! The best man is usually chief attendant of the groom at the wedding. This job is typically given to the groom’s best friend, brother, close family or the friend.

Although difficult to generalise there are common wedding duties the best man has to perform. These can include some or all of the list below:

  •  Stag weekend and stag night arranging
  • Taking the bridegroom to the wedding
  • Involvement in the wedding planning although realistically this is usually done by the bride
  • Supervision of ushers on the big day.
  • Carrying the rings to the wedding which are to be handed to the groom during the service
  • Delivering a witty, funny wedding speech containing lots of anecdotes about the groom which are suitably embarrassing.
  • A toast at the wedding reception
  • Decorating the bridegroom’s vehicle with streaming ribbons, toilet paper, clanking cans and worse. This tradition isn’t as prevalent as it used to be given the couple more often than not now stay for the duration of the reception and leave for honeymoon on the following day(s)
  • Support for the groom with nerves
  • Dance with the head bridesmaid
  • Help the photographer coordinate photographs particularly with large wedding parties

Piece of cake really. Good luck to one and all.

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