Behind Enemy Lines – The Outdoor Indoor Group Event

The Fun Mission Impossible Online Interactive Event

Our behind enemy lines themed session is a fun interactive event suitable for groups of friends, families of colleagues looking to get together online for an enjoyable shared experience.

Your Mission

Your Mission if you choose to accept is it is to find a spy who’s plane has crashed  in the Brecon Beacons before enemy agents can track them down. You’ll be working against the clock and if you’re discovered the penalties will be severe! Are you up to the challenge

The outdoor indoor event is not just an escape from a room but from the wilderness!

“I have already recommended this to my colleagues…. I think it was great.” Delegate from a National Retailer, Sept, 2020

The Unique Programme

A fun, exciting  scenario based online event where you and your colleagues, friends or family have to journey across the Brecon Beacons whilst completing tasks and challenges to obtain clues. If you solve tasks you get  co-ordinates to help find a downed pilot who’s plane has crashed in the wild Brecon Beacons National Park. Your assignment is to find the pilot as quickly as possible and extricate him from the mountains.

Entering caves, crossing rivers and navigating through the mountains – virtually

“…it’s excellent. It provided the challenge in my own home. It brought the intensity of the caves in my bedroom  Colin and Barrie should be proud of what they’ve been able to deliver.” Delegate, Engineering Company, Oct 2020

Key Ingredients

Online learning

The day includes entering caves and navigating  following the videos and making decisions as to the direction of travel based on maps you have been given. You get to choose where you go! You also have to cross a river and then search for the pilot in the mountains – virtually!

“…it was just plain fun. It had a good mix between real life skills and puzzle solving, the caving video was inspired, and I would gladly do something like it again just for the sake of it!”

Behind Enemy Lines

Number of People

The optimum number is 12 people per session


3 hours

Who Can Take Part

This can  be run as a fun event for colleagues working together  or as a fun event for family or friends. Best suited to adults and teenagers


From £400 so only £33 pp for 12 people.

What Next

Give us a call on 01639 700388 or drop us a line by e-mail or fill in the contact form and we’ll get back to you.