Are You Ready To Play The Generation Game?

Extra-large holidays are set to increase as Brits invite an anchor of friends and family away with them, new research has revealed. Over 70% of UK adults say the events of the past 18 months have made them re-evaluate what is really important. In addition to this, over 60% said missing out on seeing family members in 2020 or 2021 has left them feeling keen to make up for lost time.

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Family Group

Due to the extended time apart, UK residents could embark on an era of multi-generational holidays, with over 50% likely to go away in 2021-22 with extended family members such as siblings, cousins and grandparents.

The most popular reason to have a large holiday is to catch up with family members, followed by a special celebration and the chance to see relatives you don’t often spend time with.

A quarter of UK adults polled (via Hilton) think holidays provide an opportunity for grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren, while a 22% feel it allows children to play together while adults relax.

The UK is the most likely destination for an XL holiday coming in at 41%, followed by Spain at 31%, France at 23% and Italy at 21%.

It also emerged that four in ten adults (42%) think that holidays with lots of children are more fun than ones with just adults. 52% said that if they are holidaying with family members, they are more likely to do things they wouldn’t do otherwise such as visit a theme park or undertake adventure activities!

Top Tips When Planning an XL-Holiday:

  • Be flexible – everyone will need to compromise at some point
  • Get a good balance of activities – find time to explore & unwind
  • Consider your transport and accommodation – amenities are a must
  • Remember to relax!