Belly Dancing

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What is Belly Dancing?

Belly dancingBelly dancing (to give it its western name) is claimed by some experts to be the oldest form of dance, with roots in many ancient cultures from the Far East to the Middle East. Unlike the misconception that it is a seductive dance for men to enjoy, the dance has usually been performed for other women, generally during fertility rites or parties preparing a young woman for marriage. So what better way to celebrate at a hen party than to learn this ancient dance?

What will I be doing?

We arrange for specialist teachers to come along to your group and teach you the basic moves for this wonderful dance with a workshop session. During the session they will show you some demo dances for you to see how to put all your moves together then it’s time for you to wiggle your hips like Shakira!
At the end of the session your teacher will bring out some headdresses and veils to dress up the bride and her bridesmaids for some great photo opportunities!


Depends on your group size but usually from £25 per person
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Who can do it?

Anyone who wants to release their inner goddess! Belly dancing is a non-impact gentle exercise and is thus suitable for all ages and abilities. We have even had a pregnant lady enjoy the class.

Where will I do it?

We arrange the hire of a suitable venue, at or close to your accommodation


Between 1 and 2 hours


Anytime, just let us know when you would like to do it.

What do I wear?

No heels or trainers, bare foot is usually best and comfortable loose clothing you would usually wear to a yoga class. Exposing your belly is entirely optional!