2022 Travel Trends

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2022 will be the year to inject the travel back into ‘travel’. Holidaymakers will be looking to leave the stresses of airport security behind, and rediscover the excitement of the journey.

How We’ll Travel

Slowing it down

With the return of travel after two years of restrictions, adventurers want to make the most of every second that they are away. The pandemic has made over 60% of travellers want to travel more sustainably. It is reported that customers desire a travel experience that allows them to savour each moment while connecting with local cultures.

Loving the journey as part of the holiday

Post-lockdown, holidaymakers are looking for the most relaxing experience possible. They may opt for unique transport experiences and routes that provide beauty over speed. First class interrail passes are on the increase and we can expect to see multi-stop trips.

Contactless taps

The advancement of contactless technology ensures a notably more seamless transit for holidaymakers, particularly those opting to travel by rail. Over half of people prefer to use contactless, and they will gravitate towards modes of transport that enable them to tap in and out as and when they please.

Embracing uncertainty

After a year of holiday cancellations and setbacks, the need to embrace uncertainty is unquestionable. Rather than resisting a trip away, holiday makers are looking to embrace uncertainty and enjoy the spontaneity of their travels. Flexibility is going to be a high priority throughout 2022. Similarly, more people will ‘wait and see’, and book holidays at the last minute. It is reported that 50% of people will book less than two months before travelling, and 25% less than one month ahead. Travel companies will need to accommodate last-minute bookings and changes up to the very last minute if they are going to gain market share in 2022.

Trending Places

Off the grid stays

From working from home in 2021, zoom fatigue has increased the interest of ‘going off-grid’. 2022 will see more people taking to rural locations for a break from work and connectivity, opting for small yet perfectly formed quirky stays such as yurts, eco-pods, and huts.

Wild swimming spots

The popularity of open-water swimming has surged due to the pandemic. Between 2019 and 2021, Google saw a 118% rise in search popularity for ‘wild swimming’, and with increasing awareness of its health benefits, people are still eager to take the plunge. 2022 will see more people routing their holidays around the wildest swimming spots, with some favourites including the Llynnau Mymbyr lakes in Snowdonia.

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