More Great Reviews From 30th Birthday Adventure Weekend

Rock ClimbingMore great feedback from Sarah and her 30th Birthday Adventure weekend last weekend. To have customers say “The weekend was amazing” and “  was pretty awesome..” are great to hear. Read more below for the full review.


It is always pleasing to receive good feedback from our customers. Here’s the latest from Sarah who came last weekend to celebrate in a memorable way a 30th birthday. What a way to celebrate by trying our canyoning and rock climbing!

Climb in Wales

“Hey , The weekend was amazing …. everyone loved the canyoning , especially me I found it great in terms of how completely unexpected everything was , didn’t no what was going happen next which gave a great element of surprise and thrill and a great variety of what we did through the time we were doing the activity. Climbing and abseiling was terrifying hehe only the part were you have to lean back and trust that your not going to plummet to the ground 😅 but it’s was great location and superb set up having a few climbs to go at . Jase  absolutely loved it and the challenges of the blindfolded climb and the 3 points of contact and the extra climb that was prepared was great to challenge him further . It’s got my heart racing and gave a great sense of achievement

Instructors were extremely good making everyone feel at ease with there expertise.  We had a few nervous climbers but still enjoyed the day . Accommodation was better than expected I was prepared having separate rooms for couples was so convenient in terms of privacy and having time away from the group for a little rest bite . Food was lovely and the traditional soup for st David’s day was a lovely touch .  I personally and other my other half were extremely happy with the weekend …… it was pretty awesome and every member of staff, instructors, minibus drivers, accommodation staff and anyone else that dealt with us was so welcome, friendly and delivered excellent costumer service.

Thank you. I hope to be booking again in the future I enjoyed it so much and would highly recommend plus the locations for the canyoning were absolutely breathtaking and please pass this feedback on to all the people that help to make the experience what it was !!!! Great job guys”


Rock Climbing Wales