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Does your holiday wardrobe favour trainers and hiking boots over swimwear and flip flops? The good news is that you don’t have to travel to the end of the earth to get your adrenaline kicks. The UK has lots of natural landscapes that are ideal for outdoor adventures and sports, from sandy beaches and nature trails, to a bundle of stunning national parks. So, whether it’s Canyoning in the stunning Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons), Surfing in Cornwall or Rock Climbing in the Lake District, you can find any outdoor excursion imaginable right here.

If you’re feeling adventurous after all that time spent indoors, go on, jump right in!

The Top 5 Post-Covid Activities are…


Many consumers have sought family-based activities to keep everyone’s health in check. Sales of bikes continued to accelerate in June 2020. While cycling grew in the early months of the COVID-19, this was largely generated from sales of family-friendly bikes, June’s growth came from higher-end bicycles typically purchased by enthusiasts, including road bikes and full suspension mountain bikes.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

SUP sales have dramatically increased as consumers have sought activities that would keep them active and socially distant. Sales of paddle sport products increased 56% in June 2020 versus the prior year. Inflatable versions of kayaks and paddleboards gained popularity as consumers found they were easier to store and less expensive. In June 2017, inflatables represented 19% of paddleboard unit sales and 9% of recreational kayak unit sales. In June 2020, those figures stood at 66% and 26%, respectively.


Sales increased 31% in June 2020 as consumers were looking for a respite from home life and pitched tents at local fields. Sales were less likely driven by those looking for epic moments and more likely driven by those seeking quality family time outdoors.


As consumers looked for activities that could be done while social distancing, many in the golf industry hoped the sport would appeal to first-time golfers and younger enthusiasts looking to get outdoors. In June 2020, golf equipment sales were up 51%.

Nature Sightings

The rise of bird-watching increased as consumers connected with nature whilst stuck at home. Unique bird species can be found even in large cities. To aid in their sightings, many purchased binoculars, which saw a 22% sales increase in June 2020.