The Top 10 Rules Of Stag Party Planning

Follow these tips from “You and Your Wedding” for planning your own stag party.

We’ve all seen ‘The Hangover’ – we know how stag parties can go astray. Stag veteran Jonathan Thompson has seen it all, from missed planes, to people wandering out of the city they’re staying and ending up on a ring road. He knows what works and what doesn’t – so we’ve enlisted his expertise to talk you through all the do’s and don’t’s every good stag do organiser should bear in mind.

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  1. Control the numbers

In the excitement of a recent engagement, it’s tempting to invite every man in your phonebook on the forthcoming stag do, but you need to keep a close eye on numbers from the outset. Inviting Jez from the gym might seem like a good idea at the time, but big stag groups complicate everything from accommodation to restaurant bookings. They also have a tendency to get cliquey, and you don’t want to be working like a sheepdog all night. The ideal number is 12-15

  1. Serve notice 

Stag parties are expensive and often involve time off work (N.B. if possible, take the Monday afterwards), so give your hand-picked unit at least three months’ notice of your plans. You’ll need to be flexible on dates, particularly over the summer, so one of your first jobs is to establish an email list and settle on a weekend everyone is free. This should be at least two weeks before the wedding, to allow hangovers – both physical and metaphysical – to fully disperse. My best man Neil considerately booked my skiing stag do six weeks before the wedding, “to give any broken bones time to heal”. With two hospitalisations on the trip, it turned out to be a sensible strategy.

  1. Budget carefully

To ensure as many key players as possible are able to attend, be careful not to price anybody out. Remember: you want people to come who will make the stag do fun, not just those who can afford it. Settle on a rough target budget per head and stick to it. On the stag itself, it’s also a good idea to monitor the wealthier members of the team to stop them driving up costs for everyone else by racking up extravagant tabs.

  1. Keep your accommodation simple

Don’t waste money on anything other than a clean, basic hotel. You won’t be spending much time there – it’s just a base to rest sore heads. Book early and book together: relying on people to make arrangements individually will inevitably end up with at least one hapless soul marooned in a dodgy B&B on the wrong side of town. Finally, get somewhere as close to the city-centre as possible, to reduce transport costs and make it easy to find when disoriented.

  1. Have a concrete plan

Like a good football team, every successful stag party will have a solid spine to it. A few weeks before heading out, you should book up all your lunch and dinner destinations for the duration, so everyone knows exactly where they need to be if they get separated from the group. If you’re flying abroad, it’s also wise to book transport to the airport en masse. It’s all too easy to miss an early-hours departure, particularly once the pre-stag drinks get flowing.

Planning A Great Stag Party

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