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The Outdoor Indoor Interactive Corporate Event

Our behind enemy lines themed fun corporate event is an interactive half-day or full day designed to be fun, challenging and exciting. It can help improve team performance and motivation or just be used as a get together for some fun with colleagues or clients. We have translated the actual scenario based event which usually take place on the ground in Wales to an online equivalent. However we have sought to retain the philosophy and approach to our events in this online version by:-

  • Making it interactive and collaborative;
  • Bringing our stunning green playground of Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) in Wales  into your your home;
  • Ensuring it’s task based not death by PowerPoint;
  • Having you complete fun games, tasks, and challenges.

We’ve done this by spending hours recording video and blending this with this scenario based outdoor indoor themed event.

“I have already recommended this to my colleagues within my two hours of finishing.” Delegate from a Engineering Company, June, 2021

The Unique Online Corporate Event

A fun, exciting and team based scenario where you and the team have to journey across Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) whilst completing tasks and challenges to obtain clues. If you solve tasks you get  co-ordinates to help find a downed pilot who’s plane has crashed in the wild Bannau Brycheiniog (Brecon Beacons) National Park. Your assignment is to find the pilot as quickly as possible and extricate him from the mountains.

“It provided the challenge in my own home. It brought the intensity of the caves into my bedroom… .” Delegate, Engineering Company, Oct 2020

Key Ingredients

Online learning

The day includes entering caves and navigating  following the videos and making decisions as to the direction of travel based on maps you have been given. You get to choose where you go! You also have to cross a river and then search for the pilot in the mountains – virtually!

“Really enjoyed the Behind Enemy lines, felt that this day really helped us with our team building skills and I think everyone on the course really liked it.
Also, it was just plain fun. It had a good mix between real life skills and puzzle solving, the caving video was inspired, and I would gladly do something like it again just for the sake of it!” Delegate, Government Organisation, April 2021

Make An Event of It

We can even supply the drinks! For an extra fee of £25pp we can send a selection of ready made cocktails out to all participants (UK price). So during the challenges you can all partake of a drink to make it a real shared experience.

Number of People

Minimum of 8 people with the optimum number of 12 people per session.

Numbers can be more than 12 with prior agreement as virtual breakout rooms will then be used.


3 hours (half-day) or 1 day. Can be done in the evening or weekend.



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You can change these activities if they don't suit your requirements. For instance you can substitute quad biking with climbing, caving, paintballing or clay pigeon shooting to name but a few. Please note if you decide to change the choice of activities it may impact price and transport options.

What Next?

What should I do first?

  • Work out an approximate number of people in your group
  • Agree a date

How do I book?

Complete the contact form or call us on 01639 700388.

How much will I need to pay now?

To secure your trip we require a £10.00 deposit from each person.

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