How Overseas Hen and Stag Parties Can leave You Totally Skint

How To Plan A Hen Party That’ll Please An Active Bride - BudgetI felt a flutter of excitement when an email titled ‘Sophie’s final fling’ popped into my inbox. One of my best friends was getting married, and this was the invite to her hen party. I was ready for all the clichés.

As soon as I opened the email, my illusions were shattered; this would be a “high class” affair, and we’d be heading to Ibiza for four nights.

The Cost Of Going Abroad

At first, I was excited – there were worst ways to spend a weekend than in a villa in Ibiza with some of my closest mates. The first email didn’t detail the overall cost, just initial deposits for flights, accommodation, and activities. This was a year before the big event, so we all agreed to pay in monthly £100 instalments. My salary is £37,000, which is good, but after covering my rent, bills, travel expenses, ­and then the hen do payments, I was left with little disposable income.

Hen party ideas in wales

Extra Costs

Each night was to have a different theme – from a pink party to a Grease night, and we were expected to bring everything from our best neon clubbing gear to sailor’s outfits and, of course, ‘Pink Ladies’ jackets.

I’d made the decision to take a few hundred pounds worth of euros as spending money – and when it was gone, it was gone. I remained strict, and banned myself from using cash machines or my credit card. By the last day, I was almost out of cash. It felt gut-wrenching to be so frivolous  when I could be putting the money towards a deposit for a flat.

Hen 's canyoning

How To Avoid Spending So Much

An easy alternative to spending a lot of money having your hen party abroad is to have it locally in the UK. Wales has a lot of different options and doesn’t require expensive flights and admin duties. Adventure Britain provides tried and tested Hen and Stag Parties that involve outdoor activities such as canyoning, climbing, paintball and caving among others, as well as interesting activities like brewery and whiskey distillery tours and the likes. They have a reputation for running smooth organised stag and hen party weekends for the adventurous types. They are fully set up with their own transport, accommodation and restaurant facilities, so you don’t have to worry about organising and arranging the intricacies of your Stag or Hen Party.

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