Celebrating International Day of Families

Adventure Britain is gearing up to celebrate International Day of Families on the 15th May by adding a special twist to our popular Parent & Child activity break. This year, the break will be designed to foster togetherness and create lasting memories for families of all shapes and sizes.

Our Parent & Child break is a perfect way for families to bond and have some fun together, and this year, we’re adding some special touches to make the experience even more meaningful.

Adventure Britain’s family themed breaks will include:

  • Family-friendly activities: The break will feature a range of activities tailored for families, from adventurous pursuits like climbing & abseiling to more relaxed options like mountain walks and camp craft skills
  • Themed challenges: Families can participate in fun challenges throughout their break, encouraging teamwork and collaboration
  • Family nights: Cozy up under the stars and snuggle around a campfire to celebrate the importance of family

Can you join us and celebrate on the 26-28th May 2024? If not, we are the extending the International Day of Families celebrations to the 10-12th August 2024. Contact us here for further information or booking terms.

International Day of Families


The History of International Day of Families

The United Nations established this day to highlight the critical role families play in our society and raise awareness about the economic, social, and demographic issues they face.

The journey to recognising this day began in the 1980s when the United Nations started to focus on the evolving structure of families and the challenges they come across. By 1989, the UN General Assembly declared that year as The International Year of the Family, leading to the establishment of the International Day of Families in 1993.

This day was set to encourage the international community to better understand the family’s pivotal role as society’s basic unit and address the challenges families worldwide face​​​​.

Each year, a specific theme sheds light on particular aspects of family life and their challenges. These themes have ranged from poverty and homelessness to the impact of migration, gender equality, and the inclusion of all types of families, both traditional and non-traditional.

The aim is to celebrate the diversity of families and reinforce the idea that there is no single model for what a family should be​​​​.


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