4 Tips For A Good Maid Of Honour Speech

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The best mans speech is built up as such a big part of a wedding but what about the maid of Honour? If you are feeling left out, maid of honour speech’s are becoming more and more prominent at weddings. A good speech can really make a wedding, follow our 4 tips to make your speech successful.

1. Show Your Appreciation

We all know how stressful weddings can be to organise and how much effort goes into making sure the big day is memorable. Let everyone know how greatfull you are for the hard work and effort they put in to make the event happen.

This will not only please the organisers but is also a good way to find your feet with your speech and get underway.

2.  The First Time You Met

Take things back to where it all began, tell them about when you first met the bride and how you have shared so many memories togeather. Wheather is was in school, at work or out in the weekend, tell the story.

writing a best man speech

3. Tell A Story About The Bride and Groom

Share a story about how the bride and the groom are a great fit, explain they’re characteristics and how they get along so well.

4. Share A Quote Or A Poem

Find something that speaks to you. Something that fits the theme and will make the audience sigh. This is the perfect way to finish your speech with a toast to the bride and groom.

Raise your glass to bride and groom

Try to be relaxed and remember that the day is about the bride and groom so the speech should be about them too, try to leave out too much details about yourself.

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