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Ok so we have some great adventure activity ideas during the day for your stag weekend. However from experience we realise this isn’t enough – you need the nightlife for a great stag night as well!

Stag Nights in Swansea – Nightlife Capital of Wales

Stag in fancy dress on Stag night with Call of the Wild in Wales dressed as a clownSwansea has a nightlife second to none – a great vibe and one not to be missed on your stag night. This large University City next to the sea certainly brings in people looking for a good time on the weekend (which starts on Thursday). It has two main streets which have all the main bars, clubs, pubs and restaurants which is perfect for stag nights.

The first is Wind Street and the other is the Kingsway. It’s easy to find your way around and pick out the bars that best suit your needs such as Retro, Yates’, Walkabout in fact all the usual suspects and alot more besides are here for your stag night UK. You can get more information on pubs and clubs for your stag night here. Have a look at what our past stags have said about Swansea. We can arrange transport to take you into Swansea and pick you up. We are so close you don’t have to travel hours to get here.

Have you heard of the famous Mumbles Mile? This is a fantastically small stretch of assorted drinking holes. At the last count sixteen drinking holes were to be tackled along this bayfront suburb of Swansea overlooking the picturesque Swansea Bay. A challenge many fail. The problem is if you succeed then you’re basically fit for nothing!


“Swansea surprised me – the girls were friendly and good looking, well not all good looking but enough of them to make it an excellent stag night. Thanks.” John Atkins, Uxbridge,

Swansea Night Club VIP Free Entry and Queue Jump Passes

We are able to offer you VIP Free Entry & Queue Jump before midnight at one of the largest and best night clubs in Swansea. If you want to arrive at the venue slightly later than 11pm then we can offer Queue Jump passes for the group on a Sat Night.

Give us a call to find out more.





Stag Night Brewery Tours

Not that you have much time during your action packed weekend in any case but how about trying to find time for a superb brewery tour. Combine it with a trip into Swansea on Saturday night.

Get shown around the Tomos Watkin Brewery, second only to Brains as the biggest brewery in Wales, by the Master Brewer. After the interesting bit you have the hard unenviable task of sampling the delights of the Brewers hard work. Try brews such as Cwrw Haf (Summer Beer), Cwrw Gaeaf (Winter Beer), OSB (Old Style Bitter) and Taffy Apples (Cider) .

After paying your inital fee the beer is all free with no limit on how much you can drink.


“Had a cracking time and felt it was value for money. Locals were very welcoming. Thank you.” Mr. M. Neilsen, Cleethorpes


Personalised Casino Evenings

Fancy a stag night at the gaming tables – Are you a James Bond or more of a Jenny Bond? Well take advantage of this brilliant offer negotiaited on your behalf by Call of the Wild. Visit one of the top casino chains in the UK and try your hand at Roulette, Black Jack and Poker.


Benefit from:-

  • Free soft drinks, tea and coffee all night until 4am
  • A host to teach you the games*
  • Option of Poker lessons*
  • An open table using chips to get used to the games before going to a live money table*

*Subject to group numbers and prior arrangement

“I seriously couldn’t fault the weekend – it exceeded my expectations” Matt Dean, Farnham,


Whisky Tour

Your guide will take you through the malt whisky production process. They will describe the stills and distillation process used by Scottish, Irish and Welsh distillers and learn why this particular process is so unique.

Learn about different types of whisky from malts, Bourbons and Tennessee whiskies. Have some fun and games nosing and tasting before viewing the exhibition area and sampling more products.




What About A Cocktail Masterclass for the Evening?


If the above options aren’t enough for you what about adding in a cocktail making class? This can be chosen without the above options.

The cocktail masterclass offers a 90-minute fun & interactive session including welcome drinks, cocktails, flavoured vodka shots, cocktail demos, games and challenges. Guests experience the history, tools & skills of mixology while they get behind the bar and shake, muddle, strain & stir their way through a range of classic cocktails.



Other Ideas

What about some off the wall stag night ideas such as a night walk across the Brecon Beacons for the stag night – certainly different. Other ideas are a magician, hypnotist and live music. Visit our stag night blog for more stag ideas and information. For information on our other services such as corporate events, indoor and outdoor team building then click the relevant pages.

“To be honest I don’t think the stag weekend could have been improved. We had a great time from start to finish.” Mr.A Sheader, Leeds, 2006

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If any of the above interest you, contact us now!

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