What is Paintball in the UK ?

Paintball, paintballing or paint ball is a game where clients use gas-powered markers, or paintball guns, to shoot marble-sized biodegradable pellets containing coloured water-soluble dye, ‘paint’, at each other. Paintball games simulate military combat; players on one team try to eliminate players on the opposing team by shooting, with the paintball gun, capsules of paint at them.

Among the most common of the many variations of combat paintball games in Wales is a version of capture the flag, in which two teams of players attempt to seize each others’ banner without being struck by a pellet.

What Will I Be Doing During Paintballing?

Ever fancy yourself as that all action hero – well here’s your chance to prove what you’ve been saying for years. Equipped with full face mask, overalls and most importantly the latest paintball guns and pellets you’re away (mostly repainting the forest). Play out a number of scenarios during the day in a wonderful 30 acre natural woodland setting in South Wales. With paintballing you can’t fail to enjoy this excellent team activity. Click here to view a video illustrating what paintballing involves. It has become so popular that large scale competitions are held on a regular basis across the world. This is an example of such a competition.

Who Can Do Paintballing ?

No previous experience is required as there will be a short and concise safety briefing on arrival at the paintball site. This will cover the correct use of equipment, safety issues and paintball game rules. An ideal birthday present or activity for a weekend away with a group of friends or stag groups.

Where Can I do Paintballing in South Wales?

Our 30 acre paintball site is in South Wales and has a variety of terrain, with dense woodland, open fields and a small valley with a stream running through it. This site is ideal for accommodating our wide range of paintball combat games. The site is 20 minutes north of Swansea and 45 minutes from Cardiff.

Duration/Length of the Paintball session?

This is variable depending on the size, nature of the group, nature of the event and the prevailing weather conditions on the day. As a guide, the session would normally last around 3 – 5 hours.

When can I do it?

We operate our paintball games in Wales all year.

What is it going to cost me?

Phone for details or contact us. This will vary on depending on the nature of the booking and age of participants. Take a look at our sample itineraries for more ideas.

What will I have to Wear for Paintballing?

We will provide a kit list upon booking. You need to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing with sturdy footwear. You must be aware that the ground is uneven and can be wet. The site has a car park, changing area and flush toilets and all the essential equipment is provided. This includes camouflage overalls, J.T. Invader goggles, Rhino ammo packs and Inferno semi-automatic paint markers, free CO2 gas propellant and uniformed marshals to ensure your safety.

Good Combinations of Activities

Paintball is suitable for combination with other activities for weekends or longer duration visits. It can be combined with any of the range of activities available whether it be caving, canyoning, gorge walking, climbing, quad biking and clay pigeon shooting.

Can I Use a Camera?

Yes you can as there will be an opportunity to take photos but these will be limited to the start and finish of the game . You should also remember you will be wearing face masks.

Take Away a Video or Photos

We can arrange for a professional photographer to follow you paintballing. The photos can be put onto disc for you to take away before the end of your stay. Please contact us for more details.

In certain circumstances we can arrange for your group to filmed but this is only by prior arrangement.

Wouldn’t it be great to have those visual images to show at the reception for stag parties, show back in the office following an outdoor team building event or to keep as a memory of those special occasions such as 40th birthdays.

Paintballing Photo Gallery

If any of the above interest you, contact us now!

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